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ReCon Walls is a proven leader in interlocking retaining wall blocks, solving problems and adding value!


Performance you need

Retaining walls must be engineered to perform. ReCon Walls has the industry leading gravity retaining wall system. ReCon’s large retaining wall blocks can be engineered for unreinforced gravity retaining walls reaching heights in excess of 6m. Thanks to Geogrid retaining walls we can go up to heights of 20m and more on any type of soil.


Retaining walls should enhance the aesthetics of the natural surroundings and add value to a property. ReCon Walls currently offers 5 different textures: Granite, Limestone, Old World, Rustic, and Weathered Edge.

Value you expect

If long term durability is important to you, select a retaining wall block that is made of wet-cast concrete. The ReCon Walls concrete blocks for retaining walls are made from wet cast concrete specifically designed to withstand adverse conditions.

Flexibility you love

Thanks to the flexible concept, the possibilities in use are almost unlimited, even in difficult working conditions. Whether we are talking about infrastructure projects - in road construction, railways, hydraulic engineering or residential projects - we always succeed in realizing your wishes in an efficient way.

Why would you choose for ReCon Walls?

At ReCon Walls we understand that having great gravity retaining wall products is not enough. We combine our large retaining wall block system with knowledge, tools, and testing that allows us to provide a wall solution, not just a good block.

ReCon Walls prides itself in using its knowledge and experience to provide solutions and value to its gravity retaining walls as well as geogrid reinforced retaining walls customers. Here at ReCon Walls we know that our customers are purchasing a “wall” to solve a grade separation issue. We listen and work together with our customers, specifiers, engineers and installers to understand their needs and their budget. Then we help identify a solution that works for them.

About ReCon Walls

CBS Beton has grown into a professional, well-oiled organisation with skilled and motivated employees. The range is still being expanded and adapted to the various needs of the client and the market. Smooth availability and a wide choice are guaranteed by the high daily production levels.

CBS Beton walls are among the highest quality on the market. All elements are checked during and after production by our quality manager. Our persistent efforts in the area of quality have resulted in the necessary certificates being obtained and provide the customer with a guarantee for many years.

You will find CBS Beton in all areas: government contracts, industry, agriculture and horticulture, biogas installations, private projects,... We can rely on many excellent references both in Belgium and abroad in France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,...

In 2020, we took the decision to join forces with ReCon Walls because it is a globally proven product. With the proven ReCon Walls prefabricated block system and our CBS Recon Walls team, we strive to provide exceptional solutions that are functional, practical, flexible, aesthetically pleasing and create long-term value for your retaining wall project.

Our own engineering department was set up to better support our growing activity in the project market and in public procurement. Together with the enthusiastic sales team, this ensures optimal service with just that little bit more: customer-oriented thinking with a personal approach.

And last but not least
, we also offer an extensive logistics service. From loading your truck, to organise deliveries on site with or without placement from the truck. You ask, we produce, deliver and install.

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